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What is Ambien?

Ambien is a drug that is directed for the treatment of insomnia by doctors. Ambien comes in tablet form and contains “Zolpidem Tartrate” as an active ingredient. Before taking Ambien tablets, you should be aware of some points.

Ambien interacts with chemicals present in your brain that are unbalanced in those people who are suffering from insomnia. The immediate-release tablet of Ambien helps in sleep problems. On taking an immediate-release pill of Ambien, you fall asleep as soon as you go to bed.

If you are going to administer this medicine, tell your doctor about your current medications. If you are using any vitamin pills or herbal supplements, then you should have to inform this to your doctor.

Ambien Side Effects:

The most common side-effects of Ambien are-

  • daytime drowsiness
  • weakness
  • dizziness
  • lightheadedness
  • feeling drugged
  • tiredness
  • loss of coordination
  • stuffy nose
  • nasal irritation
  • dry mouth
  • sore throat
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • muscular pain
  • confusion
  • euphoria
  • you may also feel nausea, nasal irritation, upset stomach, balance-problem, visual problem.

These are some common side-effects of this medicine. If you are experiencing one or more from the above-mentioned symptoms and they do not stop, instantly consult with your doctor.

After taking Ambien, you may feel lazy or like you have drugged. You may feel pain in the chest, irregular heartbeat, trouble breathing, and memory loss.

These are very severe side-effects of Ambien. If you feel sudden mental or mood or behavior changes instantly stop using medicine and go to your doctor to consult.

You may feel the problem in coordination with your body or severe irritation after taking this medicine. Irritation occurs due to a fast and irregular heartbeat.

Ambien Dosage Information:

An adult can use 10 mg conventional tablet or spray or 12.5 mg extended-release tablets of Ambien. If you are taking other medicines that make you feel sleepy or tired or weak, tell your doctor about that medication and consult with him for the actual dose.

The doges of Ambien may be different for men and women. Children could not use this medicine because the FDA does not approve it for being administered to children.

Ambien Dosage

Ambien should be taken exactly as your doctor prescribed. Never overdose this medicine because a heavy dose of this medicine may put you in trouble with some serious side-effect that may cause you to death, or make you resistant to this medicine.

Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms:

Ambien is used to help those people who are suffering from sleep problems; in other words, chronic insomnia. This medicine is not prescribed for long term use because if someone uses this medicine for the long term may become habitual of this medicine such as habitual with alcohol.

When you withdraw this medicine, withdrawal symptoms may take place within two days (48 hours) after the final doge.

Due to withdrawal symptoms, you may feel anxiety, uncontrolled crying or depression, sudden mood or behavior changes, irritated, flushed, rapid heart rate, abnormal breathing, fatigue, tremors, sweating, nausea or vomiting, discomfort, tremors, delirium, restlessness, headache. These are some common withdrawal symptoms of Ambien.

Ambien and Alcohol:

It is too dangerous to mix up Ambien with alcohol. When you take Ambien with alcohol, you may feel dizziness, confusion, sleepiness, depressed breathing, or some serious reaction of the mixture.

Ambien and Alcohol

Since Ambien contains in itself many side-effects, so the risk raises when it mixed up with alcohol by increasing the intensity of side-effects. Some people mix alcohol with Ambien to find some special effects. After mixing Ambien and alcohol, sleep, as a result, is not a typical natural sleep.

Due to this reason, they feel lazy, irritated, weak, confused, and extremely slow breathing in the morning after waking up. More consumption of Ambien alcohol or continuous use of both may give some unexpected and serious results. Since Ambien is prescribed by doctors, it does not mean that it is safe to use like other drugs.

The National Council on Patient Information and Education(NCPIE) clearly explains that prescribed drugs are not safe to use with other content or be misused because they can be easily bought from the market by showing the prescription.

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